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Our founders, both former Alibaba Group senior executives, bring a wealth of experience to the localized beauty, health, and sex industries. They collaborate with top-notch factories to design cost-effective, premium quality products that undergo constant testing and refinement to ensure the best possible user experience.

At UbodyOasis, we believe that everyone should have access to products that allow them to fully explore themselves and their intimate relationships with confidence.



At UbodyOasis, we are dedicated to creating innovative, body-positive products that embody both a humanistic and technological approach. Our name speaks to our belief that every person's body should be a source of health, beauty, and vitality - a true oasis in a busy world. We are dedicated to helping you and those you love take better care of your bodies, for a happier, healthier life.



Empower others to discover their intimate potential, join the UbodyOasis revolution as a regional agent. Contact us for more detail.